Gemini Ultra vs GPT-4: Did Google Beat GPT-4 This Time? | by The PyCoach | Artificial Corner | Feb, 2024

The good, bad, and unexpected of Gemini Ultra.

Image generated with Gemini Ultra

Google just released Gemini Advanced, which is powered by its most capable AI model Gemini Ultra.

Yes, that’s the same model that a few months ago beat GPT-4 in the benchmarks. Now we have the opportunity to see ourselves if it’s actually better than GPT-4.

In this article, we’ll see the good and bad of Gemini Ultra by comparing it with GPT-4.


When it comes to speed in most tests Gemini is faster than GPT-4. The problem is that Gemini doesn’t always give good responses.

We’ll see the quality of the responses of Gemini in the rest of the article, but, yes, Gemini is faster than GPT-4.

Google’s native apps

I used both Gemini Ultra and GPT-4 as personal assistants and asked them to help me plan my next trip.

I’m traveling next week from California to New York. Show me flights to New York and hotels near Central Park

Gemini automatically connects to Google apps such as Flights and Hotels to provide real-time information.

GPT-4 lacks this feature. Plugins or a GPT with custom actions might get you something similar to Google’s native apps. By default, GPT-4 will respond something like this.

Gemini’s images seem like stock images taken by real photographers rather than images made with AI. In this regard, we can say that Gemini’s images are more realistic (or less sophisticated) than DALL-E…

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