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SOMETIMES, THE INTERESTS of legendary figures within the entertainment industry can be somewhat mysterious. That is not the case for Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, who, for more than three decades of their legendary careers, have demonstrated a passion for telling stories of the triumph and tragedy from throughout the World War II theater. While the duo first teamed up for the classic 1997 film Saving Private Ryan, they’ve since partnered as producers on a pair of widely-acclaimed WWII limited TV series: Band of Brothers and The Pacific, both of which aired on HBO.

Now, they’re back for a third (along with producer Gary Goetzman), Masters of the Air, which moves the action from HBO to the streaming-only world of Apple TV+ and follows troops whose primary action in the war was anything but grounded.

Featuring a fantastically cast group including Austin Butler, Callum Turner, Barry Keoghan, Ncuti Gatwa, Anthony Boyle, Raff Law, and more, Masters of the Air follows the true story of the 100th Bomb Squad—also known as the “Bloody Hundreth”. Unfortunately, they earned that nickname due to an extraordinarily high casualty rate—an outcome that the series, based on Donald L. Miller’s book of the same name, will look to explore in depth over the course of its nine episodes.

While Masters of the Air earns a great deal of respect and recognition from Hanks and Spielberg’s names alone, it’s also a show that clearly took great effort to make. The costuming and production design were clearly handled with great detail, and all of the visuals and performances help to make viewers feel like they’ve transported back to the ’40s.

Masters of the Air is a ride that anyone—and especially history buffs—won’t regret boarding. Below, you can check out details so you don’t miss a single episode.

Stream Masters of the Air on Apple TV+

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When is the next episode of Masters of the Air coming out?

The next episode of Masters of the Air will air on Apple TV+ on Friday, February 2, though the episodes typically come out a bit early on Thursday nights.

How many episodes of Masters of the Air are left?

There are 9 episodes in total of Masters of the Air. That means there are 7 episodes—and 7 weeks of epic WWII aerial tragedy and triumph—remaining in Apple TV+’s Masters of the Air series.

Here’s the complete release schedule for Masters of the Air:

Episodes debut on Apple TV+ on Fridays

Part 1: Now streaming as of January 26

Part 2: Now streaming as of January 26

Part 3: Streaming on February 2

Part 4: Streaming on February 9

Part 5: Streaming on February 16

Part 6: Streaming on February 23

Part 7: Streaming on March 1

Part 8: Streaming on March 8

Part 9: Streaming on March 15

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