Watch a Special Week-Long ‘Power of Us’ Series in Honor of Earth Day Starting April 21

ABC News announced a special week-long series for Earth Week, “The Power of Us: People, Climate, and Our Future,” featuring innovative solutions for climate change. Led by ABC News chief meteorologist and climate correspondent Ginger Zee along with the ABC News weather and climate unit, this series will not only cover climate challenges we face but also share stories of empowerment about emerging solutions — from individuals, communities, industry and government — for our changing world. “Power of Us,” part of Disney and National Geographic’s ourHOME global campaign, begins Sunday, April 21, and airs across ABC News programs and platforms, ABC Owned Television Stations and ABC affiliate stations through Friday, April 26.

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“ABC News’ continued commitment to provide audiences with straightforward climate change coverage is more of a priority than ever,” said ABC News President Kim Godwin. “Building upon the success of last year’s ‘Power of Water’ series, ‘Power of Us’ moves the needle even further to explore the transformative potential of actions everyone can take to address one of the most consequential issues of our time.”

“I’m often asked how I stay motivated when telling stories about the climate emergency — my answer: humans,” said Zee. “Yes, people have amplified the natural warming of our planet with development and emissions, yet collective power lies in adaptation, solutions and demand for systemic change. This isn’t about individuals but the collective ‘us’ and the power we have together. I can’t wait to share stories of Americans shaping a brighter future.”

“Power of Us” is part of ABC News’ award-winning franchise committed to climate and environmental journalism. In 2024, “Power of Water” won the prestigious Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Award for network-wide, global reporting on everything from the safety of the water supply and its disproportionate impact on poor communities to changes in sea levels that lead to more flooding. Additionally, “Power of Us” is part of The Walt Disney Company and National Geographic’s global cross-platform campaign, ourHOME, celebrating Earth Month throughout April. The campaign spotlights efforts internally and externally across linear, digital, streaming and parks that help protect, restore and celebrate ourHOME by highlighting creators, storytellers and Cast Members for their contributions. Both campaigns are being amplified across ABC Owned Television Stations broadcast and streaming platforms.

ABC News coverage includes the following:

“This Week with George Stephanopoulos” will report on the effort to turn out voters who care about the environment and climate change in the 2024 election and will follow the Environmental Voter Project as they canvass infrequent voters in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, with the aim of convincing voters that casting ballots in November will increase their political power to push for more action, but only if they show up on Election Day.

“Good Morning America” will feature a diverse range of topics throughout the week, starting with a fascinating look at life in an Earthship, homes made entirely of recyclable materials, and how viewers can adapt sustainable living practices in their own homes. “GMA” will also explore easy swaps for a more sustainable grocery shopping experience and share practical tips on reducing plastic consumption, minimizing food waste and saving money while making a positive impact on the planet.

World News Tonight with David Muir” travels to the southwest to investigate Navajo and Hopi Nations that lack access to electricity and profile Navajo-led companies working to provide off-grid independence with solar energy. Additionally, the broadcast travels to Shreveport, Louisiana, showcasing the strength of one community as they rebuild following a devastating storm that destroyed trees across the city and knocked out power for more than 200,000 in the area.

Nightline” will feature a piece that investigates the environmental impact of the fast-fashion industry, examining its contribution to clothing waste and climate change. This new investigation explores why so much clothing still ends up in landfills, notably in Chile’s Atacama Desert, and possible solutions to this waste issue. “Nightline” also features interviews with affected local residents who are impacted and visits companies adopting responsible practices while examining efforts like upcycling to mitigate the problem.

“The View” welcomed Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm yesterday and Zee made a guest appearance on the “Behind the Table” podcast, plus joins the co-hosts at the table today, Friday, April 19.

“GMA3: What You Need to Know” celebrates Earth Week by spotlighting individuals dedicated to environmental care, including Sarah Paiji Yoo, CEO of Blueland, who embarked on a mission to combat single-use plastics after discovering microplastics in the water she used to feed her son. Her company offers eco-friendly household products, inspiring others to adopt sustainable practices. Additionally, the show will report on two passionate teens, separated by thousands of miles, who are leading initiatives to save honeybees. One trains honeybees to navigate mazes, identifying harmful pesticides, while the other explores thymol-based essential oils to combat the varroa mite.

ABC News Live will air new interviews with climate change experts and advocates throughout daytime and evening programming. The streaming channel will also air special segments on “ABC News Live Prime with Linsey Davis,” traveling from the U.S. to Portugal to focus on an array of relevant climate change topics, including the possibilities and consequences of solar geoengineering, how the cruise ship industry is working to restore the marine ecosystem it has disrupted and more. ABC News Live will also debut “Trashed: The Secret Life of Plastic Exports,” the sequel to the groundbreaking, duPont Award-winning investigation “Trashed,” which tracked plastics consumers believed were being recycled.

ABC News Digital will have comprehensive coverage of Earth Month and the “Power of Us” initiative, including a profile of communities left behind by climate change, as well as insightful features on lab-grown diamonds’ impact on the environment and potential solutions to global warming. Coverage will also include an immersive presentation and digital video projects.

ABC News Radio will take a look at the new technology called E-fuels that could make cars, boats and planes greener on the weekly newsmagazine “Perspective.”

ABC Owned Television Stations’ “On The Red Carpet Celebrates Earth Month” is celebrating Earth Month with a deep dive into how the “Power of Us” is reflected in Hollywood with filmmakers who work to tell stories that illuminate the natural world. The episode will go behind the scenes of two Disney+ ourHOME specials: the National Geographic docuseries “Secrets of the Octopus” and Disneynature’s documentary special “Tiger.” It will also showcase the conservation and sustainability work taking place at Disney parks and the advocacy work of such Hollywood stars as Billie Eilish and Rosario Dawson. The special will air on all eight owned stations and streaming platforms.

ABC NewsOne, the affiliate news service of ABC News, will offer ABC affiliates stories for “Power of Us,” including a look at Plastic-Free Lunch Day, where schools nationwide cut plastic use, exploring successful implementation and reducing plastic in home-packed lunches. Additionally, ABC NewsOne will offer a report on the health benefits of time in nature, tied to a ParkRx initiative, encouraging nature “prescriptions” for better mental and physical health. NewsOne serves 200+ ABC affiliates and international partners.

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